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House cleaning services by ATC Cleaning

Ottawa cleaning services

ATC Cleaning provides quality, reliable and friendly house cleaning services to Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Our Ottawa house cleaning service professionals are trained, bonded, insured and WSIB registered. You will enjoy coming home to a clean environment after our housekeeping teams have done the cleaning service at your home.

ATC Cleaning also offers office cleaning services. Businesses in the Ottawa area please give us a call to discuss how we can serve your office cleaning needs.


Want to pay by credit card? ATC Cleaning can process your payments through our online store. It is an easy and secure way to pay for your weekly or by weekly cleaning service.

After you decide to use ATC Cleaning as your house cleaning service provider we will consult with you and your family on the services you need and keep personalized notes specific to your house. During the consultation we will also find the best day that fits your schedule and then the service will start on the date you decide. ATC Cleaning has been in business since 2002 and we are extremely reliable.

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Who We Are

  • We provide cleaning services to Ottawa and the surrounding region

  • Our Ottawa cleaners are bonded, insured and registered with the workplace safety insurance board

  • Office cleaning as well as home cleaning services

  • Discounts for regular: Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly customers

  • Feel free to call (no pressure sales) with questions and price inquiries

  • There are no contracts, start/stop the service by email or phone

  • Option to pay for your service by credit card or Paypal

  • Special offer - buy a no obligation 3.5 hr. coupon for only $79.95 + HST